Teams must enter as a group of 5 students. What we look for is an entrepreneurial mindset, industry knowledge and business understanding.

Complimentary skills and diversified backgrounds is also a key factor.
First, what would you like to name your team?

Awesome, {{answer_34950991}}! Who would you like to be our contact person?

What are the full names of your team members?

Seperate them by using commas.
What is the phone number of the contact person?

We will never use your phone number for marketing purposes. It is used strictly for making contact with you if needed.
What is the name of your university?

Provide the URL to your Linkedin profile

Please also add the profiles of your team members. Use commas to separate them.
Motivational letter on behalf of the team – why should your team compete? *

Please use less than 400 words.
CV upload. Please upload a merged PDF of all team members CVs. *

Drag and drop your .pdf file here to upload. Only PDF format will be reviewed.
Do you give consent - that we share your professional profile
(including CV and LinkedIn) with our corporate partners who are involved with the competition?

Thank you for your application. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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